Major upgrade of Sync2 with new duplicate prevention system

May 13, 2010

This upgrade is a very important maintenance release. Many issues were addressed and fixed, including elimination of duplicate management forms and integration of automatic duplicate management system as in ShareO, SSL support in Google services, ability to reset and clear synchronization filters in profiles, etc.
Functional Updates:
  • New duplicates prevention system. Now you do not have to manually choose what to do when duplicates are found. The software will do it for you. Using the improved algorithm of duplicates detection and auto-merging rules, most of your duplicate items will be detected during the initial synchronization and appropriately handled without any additional questions. Items that cannot be merged automatically, are placed into a special "Conflicts" folder for you to review and decide later what to do with them. Original items are backed up after merging in case you don not like the merge results and want to restore your original item.
  • Support of SSL with Google Calendar and Contacts added. Now synchronization applies the SSL protocol to communicate with Google services.
  • Ability to clear or reset synchronization filters for all synchronized folders added. Now you can clear synchronization filters or reset them to default values for all folders that are synchronized in the profile, such options are now available from the "Actions" menu for a selected synchronization profile.
  • Ability to set up synchronization filters by category on Outlook 2007 added.
  • Synchronization filter by label is not shown in filter settings dialog for Outlook 2007 now, as labels are not supported.
  • Minor menu updates. Several updates were applied to the main dialog menu for more convenient and logical access of its features.
  • The "Options" dialog has been removed from the application.

  • Issues Fixed:
  • Memory leak would appear on some systems during synchronization of the network profile
  • Google events with empty titles were not synchronized with the Outlook folder
  • Appointments in Outlook would appear with incorrect end time (with several minutes difference), when a non-default "pop-up" reminder is set in a Google event
  • Event notes were not synchronized with Outlook appointments in some cases
  • Sometimes, the range of recurrence setting of events would change in an Outlook appointment during synchronization with Google Calendar
  • All events would be deleted from Google Calendar when Outlook folder assigned for synchronization with this Google Calendar was deleted
  • In some scenarios the last occurrence of the recurrent event synchronized from Outlook to Google Calendar were not seen in Google Calendar
  • Contact pictures added on iPhone and synchronized with Outlook contacts using iTunes would not appear in Google Contacts
  • Sometimes, several instances of Outlook contact folder would appear in Google Contacts profile, as a result causing other synchronization issues
  • Several instances of the same calendar could be added in Google Calendar profile resulting in the "Failed" status on one of the calendars
  • First synchronization attempt of any profile would always fail after the computer goes back from the "sleep" or "hibernate" mode
  • When folders from different root Personal Folders with identical names were synchronized, they would be synchronized with incorrect Personal Folders on other computers
  • Outlook folder would remain unchecked in the profile settings dialog after assigning Google Calendar folder to it
  • The Profile could not be created in some cases if specific characters were used in the profile name
  • The Application would crash in various scenarios if the profile name with numbers only or with specific characters was created and used
  • The Application would crash on creation of a new 4Team Sharing Service profile if there is not enough free space available
  • It was impossible to create a 4Team Sharing Service account when e-mail contained specific characters
  • The Application would crash when trying to close the custom FTP settings dialog with the "Close" icon
  • It was possible to connect the same computer to the same Custom FTP profile multiple times
  • In some scenarios it was possible to connect a new computer to the FTP profile, that was already marked for deletion from another computer
  • It was possible to create several network synchronization profiles with the identical names on the same computer
  • It was possible to create a new USB or network synchronization profile without selecting any Outlook folders for synchronization
  • The Application would crash on exit when the new profile creation wizard or Settings dialog is open
  • After profile deletion, the application would still try starting it is synchronization according to schedule that was configured there
  • In some cases, a previously removed Outlook folder from 4Team FTP Sharing Service profile could not be re-added
  • If a profile folder was completely deleted on location, the synchronization attempt of such profile would result in constant "Synchronizing" status until the application is restarted
  • The "Settings" dialog cannot be accessed when the current profile synchronization is in progress
  • The Application would not show any interface when trying to open it using shortcuts if during the Windows startup it fails to load for some reason.
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