Version History

December 17, 20152.31.0139Major Update

Email Responder is tested and now works on Windows 10 and Microsoft Outlook 2016. A number of issues fixed in addition to that.

Issues Fixed

  • All scheduled statuses were removed after Outlook restart in case there was at least one scheduled status with a custom “All Day” recurrence pattern created
  • Email Responder stopped responding in Outlook with Exchange Active Sync account when user clicked the "Select Calendars" button from the "Calendar Statuses" tab in the “Manage Statuses and Templates” dialog
  • After adding a new Outlook profile, Email Responder would not work and caused Outlook to crash
  • 2 items were generating in the "Sent Mail" folder when "Auto Reply" was sent (IMAP)
  • Auto respond was not sent from a non-default account if 2 accounts were connected and custom folders used (IMAP)
  • Auto-reply was disabled for hidden "Email Responder Status" from "Manage Statuses and Templates"
  • The rule was not removed in the "Email Responder - Options" window after clicking the “Remove” button if the user changed the "Enable or disable sending of attachments" option afterwards
  • Priority of Calendar statuses was set incorrectly with the “Working Elsewhere” status when multiple Calendars were selected to be checked for status update ? A couple user interface texts issues fixed;

June 13, 20142.30.0136Major Update

This update includes several new features – auto-response to emails according to the user’s Skype status - now users will be able to set Email Responder to read their Skype status and act accordingly. The second important feature is the auto-response status setup wizard, which starts after closing the Welcome Screen. Using this Wizard, users will be able to select a status, edit a template and schedule or turn the status right away. The third feature - an Email Responder status can be turned on or off according to a schedule. The functionality of auto-replying to emails according to a Live Messenger status was removed. Several other functional updates are included as well and listed below.

Functional Updates:

  • Auto-response according to Skype status – select Email Responder status “Use Skype status” and Email Responder will respond to the email according to the status set in Skype.
  • Auto-response status setup Wizard – this Wizard introduces Email Responder functionality and allows the user to configure and schedule a status step-by-step.
  • Email Responder status can be turned on or off according to schedule – users can schedule a status to be turned on or off according to a schedule.  The schedule features daily/weekly/monthly and other recurrence modes. You can view and edit the scheduled status.Tray notifications – in case a status is set according to a schedule, the user will be informed  through the system tray notification balloons.
  • Email Responder will auto-reply to emails received not only to default Inbox folder, but even if you receive email to other folders.
  • Option “Do not auto-respond to emails containing the following in subject” by default on and contains keywords like “auto” or “do not reply”.
  • The Microsoft Live Messenger status functionality has been removed.
  • The “Operating Mode” tab from Email Responder Options has been removed.
  • Ability to select which calendars to use for the status “Use my Calendar status” from the “Manage Statuses and Templates” dialog.
  • Windows 8 and Outlook 2013 support.
  • IMAP and MAPI accounts support.
  • Updated Welcome Screen.

Issues Fixed:

  • Email Responder was getting disabled because Outlook detected it as a slow loading add-in.
  • Email Responder crashed if there was no email account configured.
  • The Welcome screen was sometimes displayed under Outlook.
  • Some issues when disabling / enabling Email Responder add-in from Outlook.
  • Auto-response would not work in case Exchange account was configured and Email Responder Filters used.
  • Variables used in auto-response emails were always taken from the default account even if reply was sent from another  account Other  issues and  bugs have been corrected.

September 28, 20112.20.0126Major Update

The functional update now includes support of latest Windows Live Messenger and Outlook 2010 64-bit edition.

Functional Updates:
  • Outlook 2010 64-bit edition support added. Installation now automatically detects Microsoft Outlook version and installs the appropriate edition.
  • Windows Live Messenger 2011 support added.
Issues Fixed:
  • Unhandled exception would appear in some cases when trying to change settings in the "E-mail Auto Forwarding" tab in the "Options" dialog.
  • Menu shown when clicking on the notification area icon would appear corrupted in some cases.
  • Template names were not displayed in Email Responder folder with default folder view enabled in Outlook 2010.
  • Minor text corrections were made in several dialogs.
  • Email Responder service would not exit in some cases during uninstall.

February 1, 20102.10.0121Major Update

This release mainly addresses functional changes that make this product more convenient - a  new improved toolbar, new status icons that show current auto-reply/auto-forward status, some other minor usability issues). Several other major issues were fixed – auto-reply when calendar status is “Free”, and failure to work with latest Windows MSN/Live Messenger.

Functional Updates:
  • The "Auto-reply" column has been added in the "Email Responder" tab in Options. You can now quickly check and manage sending of auto-reply for each status.
  • The updated status icons now show if auto-reply and/or auto-forward is currently enabled. The Status icon in Windows notification area and in Outlook toolbar now provides additional information if auto-reply or auto-forward is enabled according to the current status.
  • Re-designed toolbar and menus. You can manage your statuses easier with the new re-designed toolbar and menu.
  • Ability to quickly enable/disable the auto-response functionality has been added. You can now quickly disable or enable the auto-reply and/or auto-forward functionality by simply clicking  the toolbar or double-clicking  the icon in Windows notification area.
  • Support of Windows 7 and Outlook 2010. The Product was tested on Windows 7 and updated to support Outlook 2010 already. A new separate tab now appears in Outlook 2010
  • A confirmation message is added when resetting templates in the "Manage Autoresponse Templates" dialog
  • Explanation texts and option descriptions are re-written in some dialogs
Issues Fixed:
  • By default the auto-response message was sent when in the "Free" status taken from Outlook Calendar
  • Auto-reply and auto-forward messages were sent to e-mails detected by Outlook as "junk"
  • In some cases 2 auto-replies would be sent to one new e-mail message
  • The Application toolbar and menu would not appear if more than one Outlook window is open
  • E-mails were still auto-forwarded in some cases when the application was in "Disabled" status
  • The Status could not be taken from Windows Live Messenger on Windows XP
Trial / Activation:
  • Re-activation will be required when upgrading from any previous version
  • The Trial will be extended for another 14 days if any previous version was installed
Other Issues:
  • The local version of help is now removed from the product package, all help links now lead to the website

April 24, 2008 2.02.0110Major Update

Bugs Fixed:
  • Replies/forwards do not work for e-mails with empty subjects
  • Replies/forwards do not work with web-based e-mail accounts (such as Gmail)
  • Application would not close normally and would generate critical problem message when Outlook is started
  • When last auto-forwarding rule was deleted, checkbox "Enable auto-forwarding" remained checked

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