Major upgrade of ShareO, ShareCalenar, ShareContacts

Jul 6, 2010

Functional Updates:
  • Sharing folder without deletion permissions. Any folder can now be shared not only with "view only" permissions, but with almost full rights, with the restriction of deletions only.
  • Detailed log of shared folder updates. A detailed log of all actions with data in the shared folder can now be enabled to track each Outlook item change history, when and by whom it was updated.
  • The folder name is now shown in the message notifying about removing reminders in the selected folder.

  • Issues Fixed
  • In the "Add document" dialog the default Inbox folder was suggested instead of the one that is currently active
  • In the "Add document" dialog, when using the "Add..." button to add files, the "My Documents" folder was not opened by default
  • ShareCalendar and ShareContacts editions would not start in Outlook 2010 in some cases
  • The application would crash in some cases if item deletion is received for the item that is missing in the shared folder on the current computer
  • When using IMAP account, the "Trash" folder used for deleted items could be shared in some cases
  • When the "Security Pack" functionality is enabled, in Management Panel - Update Options dialog for the folder ability to disable password encoding for separate folder is now disabled when encoding is enabled by default for all folders
  • Outlook 2000 would crash during start in some cases when the application is installed
  • The "Mark as read" option did not work in Outlook 2010
  • In some cases, the information text for the last received update for each folder shown in the menu on the update notification icon in the notification area would show incorrect time
  • "Remove reminders" from the right-click folder menu offered to remove reminders in the currently active folder in Outlook 2007, not in the selected one
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